Youth Pavilions
The Youth Pavilions exhibition deals with the resurgence of counter-cultural motifs among millennials. The title refers to the place dedicated to youth during Quebec’s Expo 67 World’s Fair. The pluralization of the word “Pavilion” points to the intention to establish a relationship between two youth generations. More specifically, the sharing of communal life experiences serves as a springboard for the project. Based on a dialogue between two actors, representing each generation (baby boomers and millennials), we discuss political will, transforming the world through daily life and our relationship to the future.

Finally, Youth Pavilions poses the problem of historical linearity, and reflects on the possibility that a group can perform a socio-historical reality within its daily life. The exhibition aims to emphasize the similarities of experiences manifested in their differences and their opposition. It takes a look at the methods envisaged to change the world by these two generations and raises the question of alternatives to the social, political and economic order in the 21st century. Rather than operating in a compensatory nostalgia mode, Youth Pavilions encourages generational reconciliation.

Views of the exhibition presented at Centre des arts actuels Skol.

Text by Vincent Bonin.
Text by Princess Lamarche.

2023 (Forest City Gallery)
2019 (Centre des arts actuels Skol)

📸 : Guy L'Heureux