Artist + Cultural Worker

Fanny Latreille is born and resides in the unceded territory known as Tiohtiá:ke / Mooniyang / Montréal. Her interdisciplinary practice revolves around a documentary approach to the exhibition. By declining a subject in several forms, she materializes a mental aggregation by which she tries to define the cultural meaning of the image. In general, it is the culture-history-politics relationship that motivates her research-creation process. Thus, she has a marked interest in the cultural and social manifestations that take us beyond time.

Since 2020, she has a master's degree in visual and media arts from UQAM. Her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions as well as in video programming in Canada and France, including: CEAAC (Strasbourg, FR), Galerie de l'UQAM (Montreal, QC), Centre des arts actuels Skol(Montreal, QC) or at Forest City Gallery (London, ON). Her work has been recognized with the Omer De Serres (2012), Robert Wolfe (2013), François-Xavier-Marange (2019) excellence grants and has been supported by the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec. As an administrator, Fanny Latreille has been involved, among other things, in the organization of the Interuniversity Meeting for Contemporary Performance (RIPA) and at the Centre CLARK, in addition to sitting on several boards of, including the magazine Le Sabord board.

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